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We fuse design and technology to create scalable marketing solutions to grow your business.

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communicreations-15yearsPicture this. A concept set in motion over 15 years ago that flourishes far beyond expectations despite challenges posed by entrenched competition and deep pockets. A vision for the start-up phase that would leave an indelible mark on the lives of many in a clear case of social good.

This is not actually our story, but belongs to a client on behalf of whom we’ve made a sizeable contribution to marketing from the outset. We’re more than happy to highlight the success stories of our partners. A rising tide lifts all boats. And when we say partnership, we mean it. We ultimately assist clients to build capacity for managing their marketing responsibilities internally. Vendors don’t do that. Partners do.

Communicreations is an boutique digital marketing agency that unites strategy with design and technology. With every effort, we deliver creative solutions for clients by connecting with their brand objectives.

Our mandate is to elevate the success of our clients through well conceived, brand-centric design backed with friendly service and a sense of humour. Throw in a “no surprises” commitment to delivering projects on-time and on-budget, and you can start to see why we can be a valued partner for your business.

Why Communicreations?

We are enthusiastic, well organized and meticulously detailed creative thinkers who will get to know your business as few others can. We genuinely embrace client objectives as a valued partner should, and consciously challenge our efforts to make those goals a reality. We bring a lot of professional value and branding knowledge to the table, but the virtues of doing business together run deep.

  • RELIABLE. A 24/7 commitment to ensuring deliverables are completed on-time and within budget.
  • QUALITY. Our philosophy demands it and our reputation depends on it.
  • VIRTUAL. We have completed hundreds of projects without seeing or meeting our clients in the real world.
  • ORGANIZED. Cloud-based project management delivers a simple, user-friendly interface backed with convenient 24/7 access. Completed jobs are archived and always accessible.
  • FLEXIBLE. We are equally comfortable working independently or as part of a team.
  • BILINGUAL. Merged or individual layouts, we work primarily with English and French content.
  • CONNECTED. Preferred vendor access and trade printing rates.
  • SERVICE. Nothing less than outstanding. Your goals are our goals. Your deadlines are our deadlines.

One more thing…

There’s something else you should know about Communicreations. We’re in business to make a living, not a killing. A wealth of experience in the non-profit sector has deservedly earned a reputation for being frugal and resourceful with your budget.

Wow! Seriously?

We are preparing to celebrate a milestone, and it's a big one! Communicreations has been delivering creative solutions for two decades. We've been digital pioneers since 1999, and have had the good fortune to work with some pretty awesome people on some pretty cool projects along the way.

A shout out to our clients — past, present and future — for the opportunity to contribute to your achievements. Thank you!

Meet the Team

Cross-functional. Smart. Enthusiastic. Seamlessly collaborative. Prone to eating grass.

Michael Nourse

Michael Nourse


Michael Nourse

Michael Nourse

Technical Project Manager

Michael Nourse

Michael Nourse

Creative Director



Chief Canine Officer

Our Web Process


Discovery & Planning

Here we seek to gain a deep understanding of your business and competitive landscape. Methods we employ include questionnaires and independent research. Creative brief, needs analysis and feature recommendations. Finalize timelines and milestones.


From creating new keyword-rich conversion content to editing existing copy, ensuring it speaks directly to your target audience. Calls to action, landing page scripts, and autoresponders. As well as boosting other on-page SEO factors.




Sitemap architecture and prototyping. Creative concept development driven by user experience (UX) insight. Interface and navigation (UI). Theme building, with page templates that reflect your branding, colour palette, and font usage.


Backend setup including hosting and SQL database. Plugin configuration. Creation of custom modules and integrations with third-party logistics providers such as MailChimp. Form usability adhering to best practices. Testing. Google Analytics and Search Console setup.




Quality assurance review including final cross-browser testing for desktop and mobile devices. Site speed optimization. Migration to production server. DNS transfer. Additional hosting setup as needed. Free technical support for 60 days post-launch.

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