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Responsive web design project for a recruiter seeking to help job seekers ascend to their potential.

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Everest Management Network has been connecting people to opportunities and helping companies build high-performing teams for three decades and counting. Along the way, they have developed a reputation as one of Canada’s leading recruitment firms.

Project Overview

Everest was facing a number of deficiencies in their existing online presence. Both the front-end and back-end had become dated, while the auto-populating of content was a feature that never functioned as intended. Updates had been abandoned. Without internal expertise or vision to guide them, management knew they required the services of a marketing sherpa to help them find their basecamp.


Business Objectives

"Having worked with Communicreations on other collaborative inter-agency projects, they were the first choice and as per usual didn't disappoint. They worked through scope changes and provided solutions to issues throughout. Great work!"
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Patrick Allossery
Founder, Contagionist


Discovery isn’t just prudent in terms of project research. It brings with it key analysis, knowledge and communication that helps to solidify goals and direction. It also provides early warning signs to potential roadblocks, enabling us to prepare for the uncertainty that is abundant in any new project.

Armed with industry awareness to jumpstart research, we quickly identified a needs assessment. This was backed with extensive competitive research in a highly competitive marketplace. From this we were able to determine where our focus needed to be.

Strategy & Planning

We identified a handful of must-have features up front.

Although the project was underway, there was a second separate deliverable we had to be mindful of: the bi-directional linking to a legacy database. This is covered in more detail below.


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Slated to do a full rebranding, the client opted to defer the exercise. However, there were a few tweaks that needed to be addressed. Firstly there were a handful of imperfections in the inherited logo. Inconsistent line weight and white space, misaligned fonts. For years, no one else noticed these, but we spotted them right away. 

We proposed a colour palette that reflected a more modern feel to it and was accepted. Then, we neatly bundled everything into a brand style guide for future applications.

Responsive Web Design

Website Design for Everest Management


Whether through story or geography, most are familiar with the relation between the name Everest and Earth’s highest mountain peak above sea level. Climbing is inextricably linked to the name, and pairs well with the concept of performance and career ascention. An introductory background video was compiled using four concept videos to tell a story. The first was a shot of Everest from a distance. Next came a climber in a suit getting a helping hand. The third was a meeting of professionals and the fourth was an office walkthrough. From start to finish, this encapsulates the journey for  candidates and employers alike. At the same time, we were also able to show the diversity that is representative of Toronto and Canada, in general. This is also where we forked paths for the two types of site visitors. 

Another area of attention was the selection of imagery on the site. We identified dozens of images for consideration, reviewed them with the client, and ultimately landed on those that truly embodied the industry pages they represented.


The candidate experience would be fuelled by WP Job Manager plugin. With more than two million installs worldwide, its future is as bright as that of itself, whom are also the publisher. Several existing categories the plugin provided were deemed non-essential, and a few requirements that were, so we customized the search results to match the client’s specifications.   

A separate deliverable on this project was a bi-directional database linkup with legacy software. The previous website agency was unable to make this work, but we knew early on it was possible and got to work. The result was a 20-year old MS Access database that connected with the host SQL database, with site activity such as job applications being entered into the internal Access database. This eliminated the need for logging into the website to add or reply to jobs. A significant time savings with staff posting jobs multiple times a day and receiving multiple applications.

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To say that the client was over-the-moon thrilled with the result would be an understatement. They were very much a part of the process throughout, and had ample opportunity to navigate the outcome to their liking. For our part, we had a willing partner in the process that opened their mind to our vision. A competitive platform from which to conduct their business and be viewed as an industry leader. The results speak for themselves.

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