Web Development

Your website is a tireless, 24/7 performer and perennial employee of the year. If that’s not the case, we need to talk. Urgently.

It’s a great big world wide web out there, and change is moving at a frenetic clip. Your audience is increasingly mobile, and both search engines and users put a premium on performance. Multiple devices, resolutions and browsers to think about. Improved functionality options available to engage your audience like never before. Accessibility and compliance needs. Plus the collection of valuable data to better understand your target audience. It’s a lot to consider.

Not every business has access to the talent or knowledge required to navigate the myriad of options in creating an online presence that rocks. Choosing the right platform, the right hosting provider, or for that matter assembling a team to pull it all off. There’s much at stake, after all, and getting it wrong can be a costly waste of time and energy.

Qualities to look for in a web developer

There are a few traits worthy of consideration when sourcing a successful developer for your project.

  • strong communicator
  • has good business, design and development competency
  • can provide functional solutions to business problems
  • subscribes to best practices
  • value aptitude over a particular skill set
  • versatile with ability to pivot when your business does

What we offer

In case you were wondering, we check off all those boxes — and more!

Communicreations is more than just a knowledgeable, capable vendor. Strong roots in marketing strategy and design influence the application of creative solutions in building a successful website, as do complimentary research skills. Along with a boundless enthusiasm for geekology, we possess the necessary toolkit of compliant CSS, HTML and PHP, made stronger with the likes of Twitter Bootstrap and preprocessing with LESS.

Besides handling entire projects from start to finish, we also play nicely with others and offer our services for the following roles:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Web Manager
  • Webmaster
  • UX/UI specialist
  • Lead Designer
  • Lead Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Project Manager

All that said, our most valuable contribution could be that we view clients as a collaborative partnership. As such, we set out to clearly understand their business objectives and marketplace before planning and execution kick in. Your web partner needs to wear many hats. And we like hats!

Check out our list of services below and be sure to check out our portfolio of past projects for proof of our great work!