Inbound Marketing

Goal-based marketing strategies to optimize your website and digital marketing initiatives.

Marketing has endured a seismic shift over the past several years, and inbound strategies are leading the charge. Loosely, inbound marketing consists of content marketing, blogging, persona-based campaigns, SEO and measurable results, but there exist other activities working in concert. Inbound Marketing tactics are about getting found by prequalified customers and using quality content to fill your sales funnel with leads. Align that content to your customer’s interests, and you naturally attract site traffic to convert leads and close deals.

Every business needs to have an effective website and a strong brand, and these serve as the foundation for success. Inbound marketing is said to cost 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.

How does it work?

Not necessarily in the order that follows, here are some of the steps to build your Internet marketing machine:

  • Keyword research. Analysis of current keywords and identifying new ones.
  • Website optimization. SEO, performance, user experience, mobile experience, landing pages, Calls to Action (CTA’s), A/B testing.
  • Blog building. Brainstorm topics relevant to your audience, research and write articles.
  • Promote content. Spread the word using email marketing, SEO, SEM and social media to spread the word and engage with your audience.
  • Convert and nurture leads. Targeted messaging, automate drip campaigns and increase conversion rates.
  • Analyze and refine strategy. Measure performance to understand what topics and information are succeeding, applying lessons to begin the process over and apply lessons learned.

Whatever your business requirements are, Communicreations can provide everything from a strategic roadmap to execution and automation. Start the conversation and contact us today!