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Event Marketing

Successful conferences rely heavily on marketing to boost attendance, as well as to generate revenue from participating sponsors and exhibitors. Naturally, it is one of the most resource-intensive activities to manage and keep on-track. Outsourcing some or all of that workload frees up resources to be applied elsewhere.

Communicreations is a full-service conference marketing partner you can rely on for everything in your arsenal: from pre-conference activities like digital and print campaigns, marketing materials, websites to “LIVE” conference requirements like wayfinding, user-friendly conference programmes, wayfinding and signage, displays, A/V loops and even app management.

We ensure that your conference earns its rightful place in the minds of your target audience means focusing on the brand experience in its entirety. From the first exposure to registration and on through to closing comments, you look to build a consistent experience of perfection and seamless execution. A hall filled with prospects for your next conference means you want to get the jump on selling your event for the next year and beyond.

Contact us today to discuss the particulars of your event and we’ll share ways we can help contribute to your future success!

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