Email marketing has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.

– David Newman

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the top ways to engage with your audience. Once a prospect has shown interest by providing an email address, it’s time to turn up the charm. Email marketing serves an invaluable, low-cost channel for staying in touch, nurturing the lead through the sales funnel.

At Communicreations, we’ll help you make the most of every email you send – through CRM management, automation, customer segmentation, customization, relevant content and more.

Increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website is not straightforward. Websites are the focal point of your online marketing, so good search engine positioning will have a major impact on your sales and profits.

We bring a deep understanding of the requirements for improved performance and a strategic approach to developing search-optimized content. Throw in leading third-party software tools and continuous improvement programs, and you have a proven roadmap for SEO success.

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The more we know about your current requirements, the better we are able to assess potential opportunities for your business.

We develop campaigns that smash email benchmarks, and are guaranteed to boost site traffic.

Why include Email in your marketing?


You can segment your email list based on lead status, demographics, location and other factors. This allows you to send personalized emails based on the needs and interests of your customers, leading to higher conversion rates.


It's easy to evaluate the success of a campaign by analyzing key metrics like open rate, bounce rate, and click-through-rate. This data offers valuable customer insights that allow you to determine lead quality and plan your next move.


Before you email your customers, they must opt in. By opting in, they're demonstrating trust. If you respect this trust and send only helpful emails, their trust will grow — and so will the likelihood of future purchases or repeat purchases.

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Email Marketing builds relationships

An opt-in email list is one of the more valuable assets your business has — and it’s getting more valuable with each passing day. That’s because, with the phasing out of third-party cookies, connecting with potential customers online is becoming more challenging than ever.

Email is a permission-based marketing channel that provides a direct line of communication with both new prospects and past customers.

You can count on us to help you establish an effective process for gathering new opt-in email addresses, growing your list and taking full advantage of this vital customer data.

Strategy and Creative

Before you build, you need a blueprint. We help you determine what email engagement means for your customers, and then we help you execute.

All of our services are centred on performance. Our designers and writers work at the intersection of strategy, data and creativity to produce email templates that render well on all screens and deliver compelling messages to your audience.

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Result-Driven KPI's

As a data-driven company, we put results at the heart of everything we do — and email is a great example. As part of each campaign, we establish key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate benchmarks and immerse ourselves in your data to understand your opportunities and optimize performance.

Our aim is to ensure high delivery rates into your targets’ inboxes, high click-through rates and a strong return on your investment, while adhering to the regulations governing permission-based marketing.

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