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Get a complete understanding of your customers and their journey while improving your marketing ROI. Marketing analytics are an invaluable, though often underused, resource in today’s business environment. We help to harvest, organize and apply client data to create a clear picture of where they stand and support intelligent marketing decisions.

Our advanced analytics approach will help drive your organization’s entire strategy. Get the holistic insight you need to spend your marketing dollars more effectively and meet your goals.

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Use data to engage customers more profitably

Marketing Measurement

At the core of every healthy marketing strategy lies the right measurement framework. We help our clients build an infrastructure and processes that allows them to see data differently.

Advanced Analytics

We immerse ourselves in understanding your business, your customers and the entire competitive landscape. The outcome is an actionable, data-driven digital marketing plan.

Predictive Marketing

Using predictive marketing data, such as workshop records and vehicle data, we help dealers gain a clear view of when to contact customers and what the marketing message should be.

customer journey analytics

Customer Analytics

High-performance digital marketing starts with understanding your customers’ behavior and preferences. Through in-depth market segmentation and predictive analysis, we can help you identify, attract and retain your target audience. You benefit from new insights into your consumers’ habits, lifestyle preferences and privacy expectations that allow you to make relevant offers to the right people at the right time.

Experimentation & Testing

Through experimentation and testing, we help take the guesswork out of optimizing your website for both search engines and human visitors. Additionally, by regularly testing and optimizing your site, you’ll gather valuable data and insight into your customers’ preferences and interests, which can enrich all of your customer interactions and marketing activities companywide.

data experiment
email marketing analytics

Email Marketing Analytics

Email marketing analytics is the tracking and measurement of the way subscribers interact with your email campaigns.

Using the information and understanding gained through analyzing your campaigns, we can help you perform sophisticated behavioral segmentation and deliver email content that is more personalized and relevant.

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."

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