Brand Marketing

“The art of marketing is the art of
brand building.” (Phillip Kotler)

Flushing out a solid brand marketing strategy effectively comes down to the unique personality of your business, and to a lesser extent consideration of the target audience. One popular perception making the rounds these days is that it is your customer that defines your brand given the impact of social media. In either context, the prudent course remains shaping the conversation.

Our branding process is built to get the most out of your story. Step-by-step, we work through the discovery stage to understand your business. A brand audit and competitive analysis provide further insight, at which point we develop and articulate your unique brand story. Only then do we start the process of designing your identity and brand system, including colour palette, font selection, icon, wordmark and signature variations.

From that point, there are many directions a project can take. We can hand over your artwork — the most valuable digital asset your company owns — along with usage guide, or we can manage implementation and usage as needed.

It is worth noting that sometimes the challenges brands face are not related to design or story, but in the consistent application of the brand system – what to use and when to use it. Contact us for a free brand audit and we would welcome the opportunity to weigh in.