Marketing without data is like surfing with your eyes closed.

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Good business intelligence can be hard to come by. So what if you could get your hands on a real competitive advantage by accessing your own data analytics team to deliver the straight goods. Someone to collect, manage and optimize your data. A source to improve campaign tracking and conversion optimization.

There is much to be taken away from your site metrics. Come to truly understand your customers and which ones are the most valuable. See the complete picture of how they engage with your brand across all your channels. What are the best performing channels and why? How are our campaigns performing? What are best opportunities for growth? Which pages on our site need improving?

Own your digital analytics like a boss. Knowledge is power, and data is the new oil.

Analytics Packages

Choose Your Plan
  • Dedicated account manager
    A representative who is intimate with your business details and is naturally well versed in customer service. At your disposal.
  • Implementation audit
    Spam bots, internal sessions, and little or no goal tracking are out of the box issues that plague roughly 50% of analytics data. An audit determines what is working and what must change in order to have effective data.
  • Account configuration
    Ensure your account is configured properly and utilizes best practices.
  • Digital measurement strategy
    We'll work with you to define your business goals, define customer segments and understand your multi-channel customer journey. As well as the mapping of business objectives to key performance indicators (KPI's) based on customer segments and their journey.
  • Event tracking
    Events are user interactions with content that are tracked independently from a web page. Mobile ad clicks, digital campaigns, downloads, videos, etc. This is how it gets effectively measured.
  • Email reporting
    Receive a static summary of data from the previous period via email.
  • Results walkthrough call
    Discussion around the details from the latest reporting period, findings and recommendations.
  • Dynamic data visualization
    On-demand access to simplified visual reporting without having to login or navigate Google interface.
  • Campaign performance analysis
    Track info by medium, source, campaign names, ad content and keywords.
  • Dynamic activity and KPI reporting
    Informative dashboards display your data in a report that is easy to share and comprehend.
  • Search engine analysis
    Analysis of landing page traffic received from Google, as well as segment and keyword analysis.
  • Email marketing report
    A report that includes clickthrough rate (CTR), conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, and email sharing/forwarding rate.
  • Goal and KPI workshop
    Walkthrough of how to define goals and identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
  • Training
    Online training for reading analytics and ways to use the data to transform your business.


$250/ month
  • Monthly
  • Monthly


$500/ month
  • Monthly
  • Monthly


$750/ month
  • Weekly
  • Weekly

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Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

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