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This questionnaire is EXTREMELY important to the outcome of your project. The more thoughtfully and thoroughly your respond to the questions, the better prepared our team will be to help you. Please indicate “N/A” for questions that are not applicable to your business or situation.

|| Your details

|| Business Particulars

1. What differentiates your business or makes you better than your competition? What is your USP (unique selling proposition)?

2. What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?

3. Finish this sentence. We are the ONLY ____________.

4. If you were using a search engine, what keywords would you enter to find your business online?

5. Please provide URL's for whom you see as your primary competition.

6. How do you currently generate business leads? (e.g., through our website, customer referrals, networking, traditional advertising, trade shows)

7. What is your estimated cost per lead?

8. Check the social media channels your company is currently using

|| Target Audience

9. Describe your target audience and customer base.

10. Is your business geographically constrained? If so, please describe the geographic region you would like to target.

11. Check all that apply to your audience:

12. What industries are you targeting?

13. Identify your targeted customer' characteristics:

14. Which of the following characteristics describe the brand image you want to project to your audience:

|| Brand

15. Do you have an identity style guide or established brand standards?

16. If you have a tagline, please share it here:

|| Project Particulars (Web)

17. What is your primary website goal?

18. What services are you interested in?

19. Is this a redesign or a new site?

20. If redesign, what is the website address?

21. Estimated number of pages.

22. What functionality do you require? (check all that apply)

23. Do you require site content?

24. Where is the website content coming from and who will be responsible for updating it?

25. Will you provide images/graphics?

26. Please state budget goals.

27. Do you have a deadline or timeline in mind?

28. If you have ideas for your new website's architecture, please create a simple sitemap. Home. Products & Services (Product 1, Product 2, Product 3). FAQs (Question / Answer 1, Question / Answer 2, Question / Answer 3). About Us. Testimonials. Contact Us.

29. Are you looking for ongoing support to keep your website updated and/or for inbound marketing services to drive leads and sales through your website? If so, what is your monthly budget?

30. If you have an existing website, how is it updated currently? (e.g., in-house, web services company, ad agency)

31. Name of hosting provider?

32. Why would your prospects come to your website? (e.g., for information about a problem, to evaluate us before buying, for after-sales customer service, to engage on our community forum)

33. What does your website NOT do but should to help your business grow? (e.g., rank high for key search terms, capture visitor names, present landing pages to encourage specific actions, send emails automatically to our list)

34. If someone briefly visits your website, what are the top three things (in order of priority) you want them to learn about your company or any other topic?

35. What are the top three actions (in order of priority) you want visitors to take when they visit your website? (e.g., complete the contact-us form, send a direct email, subscribe to our newsletter, download our e-book, sign up for our webinar, make an online purchase)

36. How would you measure the success of a new website? Please list at least three specific goals. (e.g., number of visitors, blog subscribers, e-book downloads, contact us requests, prospect conversions)

37. If you have an existing website, what marketing, if any, are you doing to drive traffic, leads and sales? (e.g., search-engine marketing, content marketing, social-media marketing, traditional advertising)

38. Do you have a marketing plan for your new website to drive traffic, leads and sales? If so, please list the main components?

39. If you are able, provide URL's of sites that have design/layout/functionality you like.

40. Explain what it is that you like about them.


41. Please attach any existing marketing materials (brochures, style guide, etc.) that would help us assess your current branding or marketing efforts? Accepted filetypes GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF.

42. Anything else you'd like to share?

43. How did you find us?

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