Case Study: Cloud Computing

Automotive Center takes to Google Cloud hosting with site that is three times faster.

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Nestled into the tropical confides of Grand Cayman exists Tony’s Toys – the leading independent automotive center on the island. And with a big name comes online traffic. But what happens when all that traffic you earned is struggling to access your website?

Answer: You find a solution to make sure it never happens again.


Faster load time




Client Satisfaction

Timing is everything

In early 2017, around the time when the US confirmation hearings were going on, we were monitoring a client’s site when they inexplicably encountered significant load time fluctuations. Speed tests confirmed there was a 4-second lag before the site so much as loaded a single byte. For those that have used shared hosting, this may sound familiar because it happens all too frequently. Shared hosting means your visitors compete for finite resources with an unknown number of websites and their traffic. From the perspective of your visitors, it’s not a pretty picture.

Even so, the delays experienced seemed egregious. Naturally we did a little digging. The mid-range hosting provider had been sharing server resources with eleven other websites. In some cases, that is not a bad ratio. We’ve seen low-range providers that have nearly 500 websites using the same shared server IP.

After conducting a reverse IP lookup, the answer jumped off the page. We were sharing a server with the personal website of a highly controversial figure at the center of the US confirmation hearings. As such, the server was overwhelmed by the volume of traffic. Performance had ground to a crawl. 

Wishful thinking is not a sound business strategy

It’s not enough to think that the problem will go away with time. It might, but don’t be fooled into thinking that would be anything more than temporary relief. The problem will arise again — it is the nature of shared hosting.

Shared hosting is attractive due to the lower price point, but the lost opportunity cost is of greater value. Whether you have thousands of visitors per month or hundreds, it is unwise to expect them to wait patiently for your site to load. Google estimates that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. To that end, site speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. And if that’s not enough, faster websites boost SEO performance. (you are engaged in SEO, right?)

Communicreations came through for us. We approached Michael with the problem and he had already been proactively working out a solution to migrate to Google Cloud. Though they are few and far between, we are notified of outages within minutes. Communicreations continue to be a solid partner for our business.

Tony Williams

Tony’s Toys Managing Director


As we are oft known for saying, Google loves Google. Where possible, they have gamed the system so that Google products can give you a performance bump when used in combination with other Google products. So it makes perfect business sense to incorporate what you can into the Googlesphere.

We were already providing remote technical support for Tony’s Toys. That familiarity helped us understand the best way forward was Google Cloud deployment.

The true position

Three times faster. Multi-regional data centres to the benefit of local SEO. Further SEO performance boost using the speed of Google’s core infrastructure. The introduction of future-proof technology into a technology workflow. Less than 15 minutes of unscheduled service interruptions in the first year.

In the event Mr. Tony finds himself in a confirmation hearing one day, our scalable solution means added resources can be deployed in a moments notice.


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